VLP  3.4-b1

VLP is an abbreviation of Virtual Loglan Processor.

What is Loglan?

Loglan (Loglan-82) is a programming Language designed and realized in Institute of Computer Science in University of Warsaw. It is universal language, whose fundamental characteristic is rich modular structure. Main concepts of language are classes and modules prefixing. These were introduced in Simula-67, and had a signifant effect on programming metodology and understanding of modern language modules concept. This influence is visible in many programming languages such as: Modula, Smalltalk or (to a certain degree) Ada. Module prefixing in Loglan is more general mechanism than it was in Simula-67. It allows reaching many different goals, whose practital importance is enormous (...) [Szałas, A and Warpechowska, J (1991). Loglan]

Whom created VLP?

Original author of VLP was: dr Oskar Świda.

Where could I find out more about Loglan?

What is a difference between official project and this one?

This is a fork of Qt3 based VLP. Last entry in Changelog of original code is dated: 15 Jan 1998. Qt3 was released on: 16 October 2001, so precise date is not known by me. I suppose that last modifications before splitting-out were in 2007-2009.

Fork contains VLP, Loglan compiler and interpreter. It is carried independently by me (Rafał Długołęcki).

Main targets of this fork are:

  1. Document everything
  2. Rewrite compilator to use grammar file, which will be parsed by e.g. Bison
  3. Separate layout code from the logic