Creating Gtk3 simple window was easy, isn’t it? In Gtkmm it is easier. I’ll show you.

main.cpp contents

#include <gtkmm.h>

int main (int argc, char *argv[])
    //Set up Gtk
    Gtk::Main kit(argc, argv);

    //Prepare window to display
    Gtk::Window window;

    //Run program using created window;
    return 0;

Makefile contents

Nearly same as before. Only one change is in the third line. Instead of calling for gtk+-3.0 package we will use now gtkmm-3.0.

CC = g++
FLAGS = -Wall -pedantic -std=c++0x 
FLAGS += `pkg-config gtkmm-3.0 --cflags --libs`

OBJECTS = main.o

main : $(OBJECTS)
    $(CC) $(FLAGS) $(OBJECTS) -o main

clean :
    @rm -f $(OBJECTS) *~ *#

%.o: %.cpp
    $(CC) $(FLAGS) -c $< -o $@


As before, just enter in terminal:

make main ; ./main


This is the simplest of window applications in gtkmm. If you want to create more complicated one, you should play with inheritance of Gtk::Window or/and Gtk::Application (or any other class in gtkmm). See gtkmm docs for more informations.