Hi - well this was originally created for Orc and Goblin but it’s even better for WE !!

it goes like this: when you play with someone who have a big unit you can easily put it into a trap. All you need to do is to put an eagle in front of this unit in its charge range and unit of driads behind him and a unit of WD or a GR (GR are good due to a long charge and your intention can not be detected…)

what can happen: guy will see what you are planning and wont charge (good - on your turn you charge with driads (which should be about 7 from enemy (eagle closer of course !)) and GR on flank - basically it is the best solution but it probably won’t happen

most probable - opponent charge your eagle - and here is the surprise - eagle stands ! (if you flee - he could redirect into driads and we don’t wanna that !)

  • our poor bird get slaughter (or breaks but not very probable) so enemy either overruns into driads or stands - if he stands on your turn charge with driads and GR if he overruns - the next fight is on the next turn - YOUR TURN!! so before he even have a chance to strike - you can charge him on flank (panic) then YOU (flanking unit) strikes first and can kill some - then your opponent (hitting Driads on 6!) and then driads strikes back - without rank bonus and with unit on flank - the enemy is likely to break (especially with casualities!!) - if you are not sure - place second unit (WD maybe) on the other flank

oh and if eagle breaks he probably redirect into driads anyway - if he won’t - you have clear charge on them (and Eagle is US of 3 so i don’t think he will cause panic (if he will put GGuardian into GR for better ld and you will be just fine)

well i want to use this tactic using 5 wolf boys as a bait (they will move form a distance so my opponent wont be suspecting what i plan before it happens - i will use boyz as driads and either Black orcs or trolls as GR (i will keep hero in boys so my opponent hopefully will think that i just keep trolls near LD)