The picture above shows how I did it - but your’s will be different depending on Driad and Witch elves model you choose. Basically i really recommend having more driads than conversions you are going to make - this is because witch elves can have left leg in front and right behind and driads exactly opposite - and it is always better to glue left legs/arms to left feet\hands (and remember that “rear” leg will be differently bended in knee (knee goes down) than “front one (knee goes up) and the position of feet make it unable to switch them… - thats why it is better to have bigger amount of driads to choose form - this way you may choose driad that will fit all right :)

Tools: This conversion isn’t as simple as archers one - first of all models are metal and legs/arms of witch elves are much more thinner that arms/legs of driads which make it more difficult to glue them together.

All you need is a good glue (with cement -(?) - you know that thing that makes glue filling the spaces and scalp in the glue when it dries (like watter glues don’t have that)) (oh i know like green stuff - it have it - you can fill holes with it…)

a good knife (i mean like surgeon knife or something like this - sharp and not so easy to break)

hand drill - it was impossible for me to buy one so i made one - just buy a 1 mm drill (this metal stick which you use to make holes not the entire device) using it make a hole in a pencil pour some glue to that hole and glue a drill inside - it is the best thing i have ever use :)

some paper clips and something to straighten them and cut them

Lets rock!!


FIRST - choose a witch elf and a driad - think on that - you need to have a very good image of what you are trying to achieve else something will go wrong. When you are ready cut the arms and legs from the witch elf (i did it closer than the elbow - this way the “elbow” was where the driad and elf part join - which is a good idea im my opinion. that shouldn’t be hard but be as precise as you can - there is no turning back :)

then cut the arms and legs from chosen driad in the way that they will fit (model cant have 2 elbows and no knees - don’t mess with the evolution!!) - if you make more than one conversion it is wise to think about 3 conversions at first (assuming that you are making 3) coz you will be able to choose fitting arms and legs from 3 models instead of one - i mean you have 3 driads and 3 witch elves and you can switch the arms and legs between them as you wish.. (i assume that you won’t cut one arm form one driad and one from the other and let then lay on your shelf - coz it will spoil 3 models ( witch elf) to make only one (of course if you wanna make those conversions in future you can do it this way (and use “unused” arms and legs later on)…


SECOND - take driad’s arm and put it to the witch elf taso the way it will be placed - see if everything is ok - if there are no holes and something standing out) then take a drill and very carefully drill a hole in witch elf arm/leg - make it as deep as possible - i make mine about 5-7 mm depending on situation :) - when you do this put some part of a paper clip inside (it need to be straighted obviously) and put the driad arm to it - this way it will show you where to make similar hole in driads arm - make it too. If your holes don’t matches perfectly don’t worry - you can always bend clipper this way it will be all right. Remember that you have only one try so be careful… Then cut a long piece of paper clip - put it in the hole in WE taso and D arm - this way you will see how much you need to cut from this wire to make it fit - do it - the result should be like this - there is a paper clip inside but the parts fit alright and you cant see it. Then take a good glue and put some to both holes and some on driads arm - put a wire inside and glue all that - the remaining glue should be spread smoothly on witch elves arms (which are more thin) to make the junction invisible) - you can sculpt a bark in this using a needle later on.


THREE - well thats kinda all - if you glued all - arms and legs (remember to make sure that your model will stand !!) you can sculpt a bark on the junction of different parts. As you can see my driad champion is carrying a half of a skeleton and stand on the other half (it looks like she stood on him and Tore him apart) - it is a nice trick - all you need to have is a skeleton cut him in half - first part glue to the base, second : cut the left arm and take a fist from it - make a hole in driads fist, skeleton chest and skeleton fist - prepare one wire like before - glue all together and you ‘re done… (mine skelly have a sword from one of the witch elves :) ) - in my opinion those wires are really important - it is impossible to secure so fragile conversions (especially gluing those thin arms and legs) … and the wires make them way stronger…

also it looks nice when driad stand on a branch or a stone with one leg - you can think about it when choosing arms and legs…

well thats kinda it - if you have any other questions just write them - as soon as i will be able i will answer them…