Hi i decided to write something constructive

I found that here are not many plain goblins (i mean not night- goblins) in O&G armies. Last time i sterted to play some and for curiosity i fielded one unit of goblins - guys (and lads) they rock!! For 84 points i fielded 24 goblins with light armour musician and standar. Why not champion - well he costs 8 points (thats 2 and 2/3 goblin trooper) and that is only 1 attack WS2 S3 - won’t do much. I had different feelings about this unit before first battle - i kept it on the flank and in the 4 turn it was charged by the dwarf warriors (i had to block ther way on the other unit flank). I felt like i m sacreficing them but the other combat was more important. You can imagine my suprisement when dwarfes killed one (with all rerols for hatered) and i killed one (i had a BSB there in the unit) - which gave me a VICTORY !! - of course dwarfes hold and the game went on… We were fighting there for 3 rounds of combat (each due to outnumber and extra rank i won) and after that my savages charged the flank of those warriors and that was the end of this unit (other was eradicateg by savages and trolls autobreak some due to fear outnumber).

Anyways i was quite shocked that my goboses stayed for 3 turns waiting for backup (mere 84 points!!) and surrive the hole thing. I was wondering how lucky i was so i counted the probability

Resoulds are as follow:

When charged by unit with S3 (one attack per model) gives 0.8(3) dead goblin - even if i dont strike back and do nothing (well this is probable) it is a tie - if i kill at least one model i win but not much) After that (assuming that i killed one guy) still there is more me then others and i have extra rank (assuming there is 16 guys like dwarfs) so i have a chance to win again and there is no big way that i will loose (i dont cound heroes coz there will be to much variety) - on the 3 round i will stay in the same manner and on forth turn i can countercharge (or even on 2 if my enemy make a mistake)

When charged by enemy with S4 (one attack per model) 1,4 dead model on my side - well it is a gamble here coz you can loose by one but once again i dont count the ability to strike back (also dont counting heroes) - standing here can be hard but afterall isny that hard - especialy coz S4 enemys are sort of elite so they will focus magic (at least to reduce one model and negate last rank ) - also we have Oscs for those guys dont we

When charged by cavalery (S5 attacks 1 extra rank) 2,3 dead goblins from up and 0,8(3) by horsies that gives around 3 dead goblins on charge - but i have 2 more ranks and outnumber - so a draw and on the second turn it wont be theg good (for cav ofcourse)

I hope that shows that 84 point unit is a very good thing - not only it can stop the 10 strong cav unit (which cost much better) but they can hold alot punishment and wait for support.

~~ With this in mind i created the second rooster (on 1k - when plaing on 2k i will consider 28 goboses - just to be shure…) - with 2 units of Goblins (one without a standar but with champion (by BSB went there and champion was there to protect him from challanges) and other with Standar and musician as normal - Again a great succes - both units charged on dwarf blocks win each combat and stayed there (for 2 turns) and then chariots charge in support solving the problem - also having a BSB pushes ods in your way coz with 3S4 attacks (no magic) he can actualy kill someone which realy boost your CR. Also in future when i wont be restricted in my hero choices (turney restrictions) i will consider adding a 35 gobbo hero with great weapon to such unit makin it 120 points killing block also chariots are realy helpfull. When it comes to magic you can always give your BSB a +3 attacks once pre game sword - now with 6 S4 attacks from BSB (who will suspect that!!) it is very easy to break te enemy. Also it is good to notice that i alvays field goboses 4 in each rank - this way i minimalise the attacks of the enemies - also i dont give them spears - they cost some and also with HW and Shield you have a whooping 4+ AS for a mere 3 points and those 4 WS2 S3 attacks wont do alot in compare to the AS

Give Gobboses a try - in my sense they are worth it (if i find some good feedback in the forum i will think about strategy article about Goboses) Thanks for reading