It is time for another constructive article of mine. Today I will write a guide for the conversion i made about a month ago. I need to say i really like the effect so maybe you will find this article interesting.


  • orc chariot model
  • Orc left arm (from regiment box)
  • 3 shields (i took the rectangle shields from wolf boyz coz i like them a lot)
  • fanatic (the one flaying head down with a ball on the base)
  • 2 shrooms (from night goblin spure) or whatever else boars eat :)
  • 3 goblins and to be more specific:

    • 2 goblin legs (from wolf riders regiment - but the “standing” ones (there are 3 kinds of legs - 4 are the same and one is completely different - we need those different ones coz else it wont be possible to fit the guy between boars)
    • one ng legs
    • 3 trunk (belly and bact without arms is a trunk right ??) (whatever you like)
    • 3 heads (as above)
    • 3 bow arm (bended bow arm will be converted to hold a shield, straight arm with bow will be for a gobbo standing between boars)
    • one arrow arm (ng spure)
    • 2 spear arm ( including the one which is most right on the ng spure and look like it is the other hand (left not right))
  • paper clips
  • string
  • hand drill with 1 mm drill
  • 4 cavalry bases (or 2 50x50 monster bases)
  • some thick paper (like the one that boxes are made from)


Well first of all i want to say that i convert things first and glue the converted parts then i paint and after that i glue the model together (i cant imagine gluing the entire model and then start to pain it…) First paint the boars, wheels, scyhles (i used a spear top for one of them), and chassis.then the thing that lies on boars backs and keep them with the chariot and those 2 wires that are on the outside of boars (on the picture above you can see where to cut them - almost in the half just behind the metal ring - this is necessary coz else orc wont fit in there (of course you can skip him and then it is all right)) then start to convert the fanatic:

This is a simple conversion all you need to do is cut the chain near his arms (before you glue them!!) and then drill a hole in them …

(if you don’t have a hand drill make one as i did - go to the store and buy 1mm drills then make a hole with one in old crayon or pencil pour a glue there and put the drill in the hole - this is the best way to make a hand drill and is cheap and accurate :) )

… and make a rope. to do this take a paper clip and straighten it up, then take another one and wind it up around the first one make it tight - when the second one ends (and it will before finish) take another one and start from that place. When you have enough to wind it up around the banner pole and it will reach to the place where you want the first hand to be put the first paper clip (the one around which you bend others) and put it threw a hole in fanatic arms then make some rope between arms and fit the second arm, than make some more rope and you are done :). This is how i wind up the rope around a banner pole:

After that you can paint every part described above and glue the whole thing together (don’t worry if the fanatic will tip a balance and will touch the ground with boars in the air - this will disappear later…


This is most funny part :)

ORC: - take orcs legs (one from a chariot spure) - you will see that one of them will fit in front of the “main deck” in sitting position, then take a trunk and cut it a little bit on the bottom this way that you can glue it in the sitting position to the legs and glue it (use green stuff to fill holes if any) then paint orc and glue him at the end - his left hand with shield… (don’t glue the wrist with the whip - wait for the rest of the crew coz it can go in the way of a shield and it is easier to change whip position)


This is tricky one. As i wrote before you need standing legs from wolf riders spure (the one that are completely different most right in the upper row on the spure - near hand with head) - fit the legs between boars (the rear foot should be close to the wooden thing and the front one will stand on a metal part) then in that position glue the trunk to the legs (mind that you need to glue 2 hands too so make a space for them…) then make a rear hand - to do this take a hand with bow which is straight -cut the bow and the wrist off also cut it near the robe sleeve and shorten it a bit (look when it will fit) then cut the place where you normally would glue the hand to the body and make it fit in the new position, after that cut the hand this way that fingers are straight instead of a fist (you will need to cut of finger nails to achieve that - don’t worry you can glue them later the hand should look like this:

then glue the whole arm - but not to the trunk!! (i use to drill a hole in all parts and place a paper clip in it to make it stronger - i don’t know if you use this method too but i think it is worth the effort…) fit in a spear arm (you probably will have to cut it a little near gluing place to fit better) then paint the mushrooms and tie them to the spear with a string like this:

When you have done it paint the model (head, both hands, and legs glued to the trunk separately) and then glue the legs and trunk to the place and then glue both hands (gluing a rear one is difficult as you need to move the model a bit so it is good to use a glue that dry around 20 seconds at least (i use 3 minutes glue) and you make it :)


What i can say here. on the pictures above you can see how i fit them there (it is a bit hard so you need to work on it - so don’t glue them to fast !!) also the arm holding a shield is a bow arm with simply bow removed.


I drilled a hole in a third shield and in a wooden part of a chariot and tie the shield to it - this way it can easily move and make a feeling that this chariot is falling apart (and it is - goblins aren’t best constructors in the world :) )

Last this is a base - i used 4 horse bases but 2 monster ones will be good the same i cut a hole on the “wall” (the space between ground and base level) of each base and glue them together using metal cleat (the round thing with a hole inside that you use with screws) and then fill the spaces between each base with putty (actually i use a glue with filler but putty will be equally good). after that i made some terrain levels with thick card (remembering that boars need to be higher - because chariot is prepared for “only boars on bases” set) then glue them together paint with a PVA glue put sand ( i use samolina or cream of wheat - i hope it make sens its from an old dictionary) and stones (and some wood too) i let it dried - and there were my mistake - i didn’t know that the glue tend to shorten while drying and my base bend - all you need to do to avoid that ti to put something heavy on each corner of the base while glue drying and left it till COMPLETELY dire. Then paint it brown - dry-brush 3-4 times paint stones and wood (beaked branches and all) and then glue the model add static grass and you have finished :D

Thanks for reading - i will gladly hear what do you think about it (and is it worth to write such articles in future) and i will answer all your questions (if i can)